History of The Grey House Café

The Grey House has been a Port Orchard landmark since 1993 when it was built by Sandy O’Donnell, owner of Springhouse Dolls and Gifts and The Victorian Rose Tea Room.  In 2003 it was purchased by New York Times bestselling author, Debbie Macomber who continued as The Victorian Tea Room.  In 2016, Macomber remodeled the building, trading its pink exterior for a classic grey and the Tea Room was rechristened The Grey House Café.  It continued the tradition of Victorian charm that some fans said made them feel like they were stepping into a Debbie Macomber book. Port Orchard is Debbie’s hometown and, in her words, “I love it so much that I based my entire Cedar Cove book series on it”.  The restaurant is featured in many of her novels.

About the owners…..Rebecca Kirby originally hails from Tennessee, visited Washington on vacation, and never left.  She boasts a strong background in the restaurant business having been a certified sous chef for twenty five years, a personal chef, and an avid creator of new recipes.  Two years ago, she accepted a job as head cook at The Grey House and immediately felt as if she had come home.  At every opportunity she lobbied the prior owners to sell her the restaurant and, due to a series of unforeseen circumstances, it finally happened in March 2019.  Rebecca is joined by her partner, Steve Martin, who is working with her to help achieve her dream.  Rebecca and Steve were high school sweethearts who went their separate ways only to reunite thirty-five years later to rekindle their relationship, which has been going strong ever since.

As Rebecca says, “owning your own business is a game changer because now I know all aspects of running a restaurant.  It’s an emotional thing.  There’s the food that reminds you of what your grandmother used to make and it evokes all those emotions; and then there are those milestones in your life you associate with being there, whether it’s feeding your kids, or hanging out with your friends.  I try to bring all of these emotions to The Grey House kitchen by serving the freshest and best tasting food to our customers and new friends.”