SALADS 13.95 Full / 9.95 half

All salads are served with a house baked scone
Dressing Choices: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Thai Ranch, Thousand Island, Citrus Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard,Balsamic Vinaigrette

Chef’s Salad
Fresh Greens, turkey, ham, hard-boiled egg, onion, tomato, and olives. Topped with croutons and cheddar cheese

Asian Chicken Salad
Fresh greens, cabbage, carrots, chicken breast, green onion, chow mein noodles and pineapple. Topped  with almonds and our Asian dressing

Cobb Salad
Mixed greens, chicken, bacon, avocado, hard-boiled egg, tomato, red onion, bleu cheese crumbles. With blue cheese dressing & croutons

Chicken Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce and chicken breast tossed with tomato, parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing. Topped with house made croutons
Substitute Steak or Shrimp   + 2.95

Chicken Almond Pasta Salad
Chicken breast mixed with pasta, apples, celery, onion, pineapple, & mandarin oranges, marinated in our own secret dressing. Served on mixed greens and topped with slivered almonds

Spinach and Strawberry Salad
Spinach mixed with fresh strawberries, walnuts, and feta cheese. Finished off with a citrus vinaigrette dressing

Chicken and Candied Cashew Salad
A bed of mixed greens topped with chicken breast,
feta crumbles, candied cashews & finished with a
citrus vinaigrette dressing

Grey House Salad
Mixed lettuce with roma tomato, red onion, and pepperoncini. Topped with feta cheese and dressing on the side


Served with your choice of soup or house salad
Upgrade 1.50 for Caesar salad/ Add bacon 1.95
Upgrade 1.95 for GF bread.

Turkey Bacon Melt      12.95
Sliced turkey, crispy bacon, swiss cheese and ripe tomato. Grilled on sourdough bread

French Dip    13.95
Sliced roast beef and melted swiss cheese on a toasted alpine roll. Served with aujus
Philly (grilled peppers & onions)    + 0.95

Steak or Chicken Sriracha Bacon Wrap     13.95
Tender steak, sriracha sauce, crispy bacon, tomato, lettuce, pepper jack cheese wrapped in a spinach tortilla with poblano avocado ranch

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich       13.95
Pulled pork smothered in BBQ sauce, topped with coleslaw. Served on a grilled French roll

Curried Chicken     12.95
Chicken breast, walnuts, celery, and onion, mixed with our special curry dressing and house sauce for a bold taste. Served on cottage white

Herr Reuben     12.95
A new spin on the classic reuben! Corned beef, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing, topped with swiss. Served on our rosemary focaccia bread.
Frau Rachel  (sub turkey for corned beef)

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich      11.95
Mounds of melted cheese, tomato, and avocado on thick sliced wheat bread                             

Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich     12.95
Seasoned chicken breast with mozzarella, pesto, lettuce, tomato on grilled focaccia bread

Spinach Veggie Wrap     11.95
Spinach, tomato, onion, pepper, feta cheese and black olives with garlic aioli and hummus, wrapped in a spinach tortilla

Gina’s Horseradish/Beef Melt     13.95
Grilled roast beef, sautéed onions, slathered in horseradish mayo and topped with melted cheese on thick sourdough bread

QUICHE       12.95

For more than 20 Years, our famous crustless quiche has been a favorite Grey House staple. Choose between bacon and cheddar or garden veggie. Served with soup or salad and a house made scone


COMBO #1:     12.95
Soup, Salad and Pie Combo
Cup of house made soup, fresh scone, house salad, and a slice of cream pie or bread pudding

COMBO #2:     13.95
½ Sandwich, Soup/Salad and Pie Combo
½ Sandwich with soup or salad and a slice of cream pie, or bread pudding

Choose one:
½ Victorian egg salad w/lettuce on freshly baked cottage bread
½ Chicken curry w/lettuce on freshly baked cottage bread
½ Turkey w/lettuce and cranberry cream cheese on freshly baked cottage bread
½ Grey House Deluxe: Turkey, Ham, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato on thick toasted sourdough bread